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Online Marketplaces Operating in the GCC

When suppliers agree to let an online marketplace market and sell their products or services on their behalf, the electronic marketplace—also known as a “digital platform” or “intermediary”—acts as an agent or a facilitator of the transaction. The idea of the internet marketplace is not well understood and is one…
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Top Notch Tax Auditing Services – Clutch Review

Whether you are a small business or a complex organization, keeping track of your financial activities can be a formidable task. At AM Audit, we’ve been rendering our clientele some of the most effective, value-adding, top-notch auditing, accounting, taxation, and business consulting services. Our clients consist largely of large enterprises…
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Problems and Solutions in Purchase the Department of a Hotel

The procurement department plays different roles in different organizations. These roles can be procuring, acquisitions, relations building, corporate social responsibility or customer service.  Though, when it comes to the hotelier industry, the role of the procurement department intertwines with nearly all aspects of the hotel. It goes with all of…
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Capital Asset and Profit Margin Schemes

Capital assets are commercial assets for long-term usage. These are not intended for sale during the operation of the company but are utilized or consumed in the company. For example, if a firm buys a computer to use in its office, it is a capital asset, but it is deemed…
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small business

Growth Tips for Small Businesses in the UAE

UAE has emerged for international investors as a growth-packed economic powerhouse. The site is the greatest platform for all types of company investment strategies. In reality, the e-tailing trail in Dubai is established by new players. Due to online exposure, you may simply invest in the small business for sale in…
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CFO Priorities in 2021

Today’s CFO must consider adding value to the company and play a more constructive part in the company operations. There is a need to boost efficiency and profitability by cutting costs where necessary and look for new revenue-generating strategies. One of the most important lessons for all executives to take away…
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The Building Blocks of Financial Effectiveness

WHY do we need Financial effectiveness? Pursue zero Failures in Performing financial Activities The meaning of financial effectiveness is to achieve financial objectives and avoid failures successfully. So failures are indicators of ineffectiveness…! Business defines financial objectives, which are primarily the responsibility of the finance department of a business. So the…
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Optimize your Net Working Capital

The thought that a company with sufficient assets and adequate profitability would have a satisfactory liquidity position may be illusionary.  Businesses often fail to utilize the Net Working Capital (NWC) efficiently.  Management teams typically prioritize the profit and loss (P&L) statement above the balance sheet, and relatively few companies manage…
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