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A Feasibility Study for your Business

Today’s market world’s dynamic nature has contributed to a rise in organizations’ challenges and uncertainties. The growth in consumer interest has led to a dramatic increase in rivalry, as more and more businesses are now seeking to satisfy these consumers’ demands. It has been important for companies to outsmart the competition in terms of delivering value to their customers.

Survival in the industry has been impossible, but it’s a different story to join. The lack of adequate preparation and foresight contributes to the loss of the entrants. To ensure sustainability, it is also necessary to carry out research before entering the market. The feasibility study is a clear example of this research.

Identifying challenges and opportunities, setting objectives, describing circumstances, determining potential results, and evaluating the variety of costs and advantages associated with various solutions for problem-solving- The feasibility analysis of your business.

Support the decision-making process based on a cost-benefit study of actual business or project feasibility. A feasibility report will assist you in the business planning cycle’s deliberation process before beginning a comprehensive project strategy. A feasibility study gives you an investigative instrument that provides suggestions and drawbacks that help decision-makers decide if the Business Model is feasible.

What is the importance of a Feasibility Study?

  • On average, one in fifty business concepts is economically feasible. The Company Feasibility Analysis is also an efficient way to avoid more investment or resources from being lost.
  • If the findings of the analysis demonstrate that a proposal is viable, the next rational step is to continue with the full business plan. Research and knowledge found in the feasibility report would help the business planning stage and minimize research time. The cost of the Business Strategy would also now be reduced.
  • A detailed review of the business’s profitability offers an array of knowledge essential for the business plan. For example, a thriving market study is required to assess the viability of the business model. This detail is the basis for the demand portion of the Business Strategy.

The business plan relies on the feasibility report. A feasibility study also identifies alternatives and solutions that might otherwise not have been known. It is also essential to carry out this analysis before contributing company capital, time, and money to a business concept that does not perform as expected. This only leads to more investment in the correction of past errors.

A feasibility Study for your Business


The new investors and companies intending to invest need guidance on where and how to their funding can be applied to attain maximum investment efficiency and afficacy.


Investors are also concerned the way their investment will be transformed into assets. Investors need a spending pattern, with all the allied risks addressed to enable them invest fearlessly.


It makes clear how end-users and customers benefit. How and why would they buy the product or service.


Describe direct and indirect competition. Describe what is unique about the enterprise’s product/service compared to the competition.


Clearly define and describe the industry in which the enterprise operates. Include the size, growth rate, and outlook.


Describe the proposed enterprise’s business model. How will the business generate revenue, and will there be recurring revenue.


It lays out the basic marketing and sales strategies.


Describe enough of how and where the enterprise will manufacture, source, or create and deliver the final product or service to estimate costs.


List the proposed key managers, titles, responsibilities, relevant background, experience, skills, costs, and sketch personnel requirements.


It outlines non-economic forces that might affect the prospects of the firm.


Components arising from SWOT and PEST analysis describe critical risks faced by the enterprise. 


It sketches the significant events in the venture’s life by listing the timetable/deadlines for completing phases of venture start-up. 


It gives a narrative highlighting critical underlying assumption and the logic governing your projections. 

The decision to go on with the company is one of the core functions of the feasibility report. Because all considerations relating to the sector are taken into account, a good view of the various facets is given. Due to the finite availability of the capital, it is vital to ensure that they are used appropriately. 

The most favourable direction has to be followed when valuable money is spared from being spent on the wrong projects and invested in relatively profitable ones in the future. The company prevents itself from facing setbacks, as consideration of the next initiative becomes contingent on reviewing the return on investment. Apart from that, a feasibility analysis also gives concrete reasoning for avoiding foresight.

The research is an experimental method, as it aims to determine the different options and their consequences. Heading/not is one of the most critical choices that incorporate growth since decisions cannot be undone, and it is often easier to take the measured ones instead of correcting the incorrect ones in the future.

Ali Sadiq has expertise in the Market Analysis and Consultancy Division, generating credible outcomes that can eventually help guide corporate goals and emphasis. During each report, Ali prioritizes the follow-up of procedures to ensure that the business’s result can continue to maximize revenues, exposure, or whatever the final goal might be.

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