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Tax Treatment for Educational Sectors in UAE

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VAT is chargeable on most goods and services with a constrained number of precisely zero-rated or exempt supplies. In light of the flexibility provided via the GCC VAT framework settlement, the Value Added tax Treatment for Educational Sectors have been distinctive in various countries.

The education-associated supplies are traditionally exempt from VAT in foreign VAT regimes. The GCC VAT Framework settlement – prescribing the general VAT standards to be carried out across the GCC – accompanied a selective approach. It gave a choice to every GCC nation imposing VAT to decide whether it’d deal with certain schooling-related supplies as standard rated or zero-rated. 

Quality education is the primary requirement for the boom and improvement of any country. Considering the relevance of schooling, most tax laws internationally offer relaxation to education-related services, and so does the United Arab Emirates.

Clause (13) of Article 45 of the Federal Law No.8 of 2017 provides that:

  • The supply of educational services by a government-recognized schooling institution up to the high-school level that includes nurseries, preschool, and high school shall be taxed at zero-rate if provided per the curriculum recognized by the government.
  • The supply after the high school that is of more senior education services must subject to zero rates if the institutions providing the educational services are either owned by the government or receive more than half of its annual funding directly via the government.

Unlike in other countries’ tax laws, the term “education services” has not been described within the UAE VAT regulation. In place of that, the regulation has provided conditions for educational services to be eligible for zero-rated taxability i.e.

  1. A recognized Educational institution should provide the education services; and
  2. The ‘higher educational institution’ (together with college or university) must be owned by the local or federal government or should receive more significant than 50 % of its annual funding directly from them.

Any educational services that are not following the criteria are subject to VAT at the standard rate (i.e., 5%). 

Though the training costs acquired utilizing recognized educational establishments from students for providing guides that can be identified using the government are taxable at zero percent supply, the subsequent goods and services stay standard-rated:

The VAT treatment of other elements related to educational institutions has advanced to offer more significant than just schooling to their students. They are now frequently involved in enterprise activities, including the sale of goods from campus stores, restaurants, merchandising machines, admission to performances, concerts, dances, and museums. A lot of those enterprise activities inside the training region’s outer edge and their VAT treatment are indicated below: 

1. Books and other Educational Substances:

The supply of products and services in general, which can be directly associated with the zero-rated supply of schooling, qualify for zero-rated, as well. For instance, books and digital reading material supplied concerning the curriculum – where the tuition charge qualifies as zero-rated. We observe that materials that aren’t furnished at once related to a zero-rated education service (e.g., where the education service itself should be taxed at 5%) are taxable at the same old price. 

2. Uniforms or any other Apparel:

That can be required to be worn are taxable at a standard price regardless of whether they may be supplied by using such institutions as part of the delivery of educational services. 

3. Digital Gadgets

Digital Gadgets utilized in educational centers are taxable at standard quotes, no matter whether or not provided as part of the supply of educational services. 

4. Food and Beverages:

Food and beverages inclusive of elements from merchandising machines or vouchers concerning food and drinks are taxable at standard rates in all cases. 

5. Field Trips

Field trips are chargeable at a standard charge unless these are directly associated with the curriculum of education service and aren’t predominantly leisure.

6. Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are taxable at the standard charge, given that those are furnished for a price introduced to the fee for the schooling service. 

Club in a student organization is chargeable at the same old charge. 

It is concluded that educational services furnished in UAE via recognized educational establishments as per the curriculum recognized with the aid of the authorities are a zero-rated taxable supply.

However, the taxability of the products and offerings provided alongside is decided primarily based on whether such supply directly relates to the supply of educational service. If it refers directly to the supply of zero-rated educational facilities, then these products and services may also be taxed at zero charges; otherwise, it will be taxed at the standard rate.

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